Ms. Galit Granot is involved in education, communications and public diplomacy in the Israeli school system since 1990. Galit i theinitiator and active participant in the development of national programs in communications, public and interpersonal communications as well as educational programs lending to development of creativity in education and creative learning. Since 2016, Galit serves as the Director of Reut School of Arts Haifa Israel. 2003-2016 was Chair of the School of Communications and Public Diplomacy at the Hebrew Reali  School, having founded this department and extensive overseas programs with various schools in Asia, Europe, and the USA.  Galit serves in the numerous national level committees developing the educational programs for Communication and Networking within the Israeli school system.

Ms. Granot was appointed to serve as an Executive Board Member and Director in ETHOS – the municipal board, responsible for producing cultural, arts and sports events in the City of Haifa.

Recently Ms. Granot has founded the unaffiliated, non-profit Israeli Makers with the goal of equipping professionals with the opportunity and skills to create strong lasting relationships with peers around the world.