Our vision

Reut school of Arts Haifa ,Israel.

Reut junior high and high school spans six years. Our school dates back seventy years.  Studentss begin their studies at age twelve and graduate at the age of eighteenReut provides an extensive, comprehensive learning environment that promotes an acquisition of high level academic studies with a pronounced emphasis on the students' field of artsThe school facilitates and enhances the development of skills that will enable them to fully express their internal world. This becomes plausible due to the two different worlds of academics and arts that are intertwined into the day to day learningg and complement each other. This in effect forms the essence of our school and special atmosphere. The latter is also expressed through the special dynamics via the sounds, voices, pictures, different colors and hues that the students bring forth to special schoolOur educational premise is rooted in the encouragement of freedom of expression and the promoting of development of learning skills as integrated with the artistic skills of each and every studentThe educational challenges we present to our students pave the way for the students’ future academic careerThe educational program provides an in depth learning experience. Throughout their studies the students are exposed to core studies in diverse academic fields, science, humanistic aspects, as integrated with the visual arts, visual design, music, dance, theatre, fashion design, photographyThe faculty of art teachers is made up of prominent locally renowned and world acclaimed artists and many of the school's graduates have themselves become prominent and influential artistsIn terms of social value acquisition, emphasis is placed on a heightened sensitivity to communal living. We embrace student involvement in their community and enhance Zionism and the special connection that the students harbor towards Israel. We do this through having students perform, contribute towards special needs populations, the elderly, as well as other specialized populations in many facetsIn addition, we aim to expose our students to different cultures so as to allow them to gain an opportunity to create an open dialogue among youth that would promote tolerance, an acquaintance with other cultures than themselves in the spirit of the global village. These would be conducive to propagating the Israeli spirit of liberal thinking in the field of artsWe will continue to sustain our professional culture that collaboratively examines teaching, learning and assessment practices with a focus on our holistic scholastic visionTo sum up, our aims primarily entail

  • Educating towards personal and communal responsibility.
  • Nurturing leadership in our community.
  • Endowment and promoting of Jewish, Zionistic values.
  • Promoting of tolerance, understanding, acceptance and integration of the “other” in our society
  • Embracing of personal excellence the work towards fulfilling the personal potential of each student too the utmost.

Reut School of the Arts is a lively cultural and artistic center which will allow the inhabitants of Haifa,, the north and the center a direct and intimate contact with original work that correspon with the international space in which we operateAll this to promote our vision to be a center that nurtures artists, works and contributes to the community, attracts residents to this compound of activities and produces unique art and special people which will spread all over the city, the country and the world.In order to continue to produce successful graduates making their mark on every major stage and platform in the world, and continue to be a leading school in academic and educational excellence, we took it upon ourselves to promote three unique projects to take the school into the future

Deepening the connection to the international space and strengthening a student's ability to act and move forward in it

As of next year all students at the school will improve their presentation skills, will learn to introduce themselves in English and Hebrew and confidently and successfully explain their artistic and academic projects, as well as their social initiativesThis year the school will implement a multi-regional program, first of its kind in Israel – diplomacy and international communication in English. The program will include five units Matriculation in English (and a choice to do more than 5 units) so that they can manage qualitative international communication regarding theiridentityas creative Israeli youthThis project will integrate expert lecturers, enrichment days and international summer workshops which will be held in school grounds. An example of this would be the visit of Ms. Alexandra Bay,a member of Juilliard’s senior staff, to the International Summer Seminar of dance this August

creative education ‘integration of art and science studies*

This program, which is the next thing in worldwide creative education, will enable each student to study in an innovative approach that develops creativity and creative thinkingWe live in a world that is changing faster than ever before and stands in light of unprecedented challenges. As the world is changing faster more organizations are seeking creative employees who are able to think in a broad and flexible manner, and the need for people who are able to develop and invent products and creations that will address the changing world growsReut students are accepted to the school at the age of 12. In the course of six years they will go through a learning journey of creativity in life (life and creation)This project will provide our children with the best tools for creative and inventive thinking that is required in the world of the 21st century

Vibrant Artistic-Cultural Center which operates in the city 24-hour a day*

After school hours Reut will become a living and breathing artistic center, bringing the public closer to creativity, culture and art. This center will provide the highest level of art workshops and seminars to the school community and the Haifa community in generalThe workshops and seminars will be in the plastic arts, design, theater and music and administered by teachers and educators who are experts in their fieldWe are proud to operate in the Haifa metropolitan area and are committed to bringing advanced art and creativity not only to our students but to all residents of the city and the north